The Sandy Solution Series: Lateral Load Test, Point Pleasant, NJ


The Danbro team is dedicated to continually developing and providing engineers, architects, and installers with new tools.  With the recent need for Sandy-related designs, we load-tested three different sets of above-grade helical piles to help better inform design decisions.

This Point Pleasant, NJ house will also be featured in an eight-part special series of the PBS classic, “This Old House,” premiering October 3, 2013.

To view more pictures from the load test, please visit our Facebook photo album.


The Sandy Solution Series chronicles several Hurricane Sandy-created house raising projects using the pikles as THE solution for securely lifting and stabilizing your home

Videography: Christy Johnson; Phil Brackett; Frank D’Angelo, Danbro Distributors
Video Editor: Caitlin Haffert, Danbro Distributors
Video Consultation: Pat Haffert, Danbro Distributors; Steve Gencorelli, Danbro Distributors; Frank D’Angelo, Danbro Distributors
Music: “Funkorama” by Kevin MacLeod (