Helical Piles on this Season of “This Old House”

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This Point Pleasant, NJ home was featured on this season of This Old House: Jersey Shore Rebuilds after it suffered extensive damage from Superstorm Sandy.

In Episode 3, “Getting to Work,” installer South Jersey Helical Piers installed the helical pulldown piles under the raised home (with a special appearance by Gary Seider!).

In Episode 6, “Go With the Flow,” breakaway walls and flood vents were installed.  To learn more about the need for breakaway walls and flood vents, watch the episode here (or skip right to Scene 4 for the Point Pleasant segment).

In the final episode of the season, Episode 8, “One Year Later,” we get a final look at the renovated home.  Watch the episode here (or skip right to Scene 5 for the Point Pleasant segment).