Helical piles for boardwalks and walkways.
Perfect for Public Places

Helical piles are a popular choice for walkways, boardwalks, porches, beach stairways, observation decks, docks, and pedestrian bridges.  The driving force for the use of helicals in these applications is environmental sensitivity.  Helical piles install gently with little disturbance to wetlands and other sensitive areas by using small, low-impact equipment.  There is no soil excavation required, with minimal impact on vegetation or aquatic animals, and helicals can be installed in remote, limited-access areas.

Trusted Nationwide

The Meadowlands Commission, Nature Conservancy, and Appalachian Trail Commission, as well as many local, state, and federal parks and recreation authorities have used helical piles to support elevated structures in pristine, sensitive environments.  Helicals Piers screw into the earth, much as a metal screw screws into wood, with little disturbance to surroundings.  Vegetation, fish hatcheries, and filter feeders, such as clams or oysters, are not harmed in the installation process. Click here to view examples of our walkway projects.

Helical Piles for Your Projects

Helical piles are extendable, galvanized steel pipe or solid square bar shafts with helical plates welded to the shaft.  Plain extensions are added as they are screwed into the earth to reach competent load-bearing soil.  A beam seat bracket attaches to the supporting beams and the the elevated structure is constructed on the beams.  Helicals interact with the shear strength of the soil, telling you when you can safely terminate the pile.  This means helicals will find the correct bearing strata or depth in a varying soil environment.  Torque values for each helical are measured to insure that the proper depth required to correspond to the load has been achieved.  Portable hand-held installation equipment has been used for some of the more remote project locations, with equipment and piling segments transported by volunteers.  Small, low-impact equipment is easy on the earth making helicals a great choice for environmentally sensitive areas and remote locations.

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