Many helical specifications require the installing contractor to be certified and to have received instruction and training to perform the work. Danbro and IDEALĀ® are committed to providing our installing contractors with the training and know-how necessary to obtain certification to install helical piers and anchors. Certification consists of a course dealing with various aspects of the installation process. Danbro then provides hands-on in-field instruction to assure the competence of the installing contractors.

Getting Started

Danbro recognizes that our success is dependent on the success of our installing contractors. As in every endeavor in life, getting off to a good start is critical on the learning curve. To that end, Danbro works with each new installer to better understand your business and ensure that helicals will be a good fit or key addition to your construction services.

We will then help you to select the proper components for a drive-string assembly that comports with your own hydraulic equipment and the goals of your helical business. After choosing the component parts for your drive-string assembly, the next step is to hook it up to your machine and make sure everything works.

In-Field Training

In addition to certification, we field-train during your first project to ensure your comfort level with the new technology and to ensure your project goes smoothly. Our trainers have the knowledge, experience, and construction savvy to get you up to speed and fast! Your trainer will help you get started and stay with you until you are comfortable with the installation process.

On-Going Support and Training

Danbro recognizes that product innovations, new equipment, and the growth of your business into a new application, may require additional training and in-field support. Our customers are our Installing Partners and our commitment ten years down the road is just as important as it was on day one. We support our customers because our success is predicated upon your success. Depend on us to help you maintain the highest professional standards.