Inside The Sandy Solution Series

By Caitlin Haffert

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By this time, you may have seen our new video series, “The Sandy Solution Series.”  As you undoubtedly noticed, the videos are not professionally produced and polished.  And there’s a good reason for that.

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Danbro Distributors is a family run business.  Born out of the hundred-year-old Philadelphia construction company, D’Angelo Brothers, Inc., Danbro has been built on the same time-tested principles that have stood them in good stead for the last century.  We continue this tradition of family, integrity, and character with a word-of-mouth and hands-on approach.  While we are not professional video makers, we are professional helical pile experts!

To that end, “The Sandy Solution Series” are the home movies of a family-oriented business.  Produced with care for the subject matter, many members of the Danbro team have taken the time to venture to job sites and gather extensive footage of the Sandy recovery house-lifting processes.  We are on a mission to provide thoughtful, insightful, and clear content.  This storm and the complex issues that have arisen in its aftermath have proven to be confusing at times, but we hope to alleviate some questions, concerns, and fears with our clear-cut how-tos.

So far we have three installments of “The Sandy Solution Series”:  Point Pleasant, NJ; Lavallette, NJ; and the Point Pleasant, NJ Load Test.


The Point Pleasant, NJ house was our first video.


Our second video in Lavallette, NJ went a little further to show you how the helical piles are connected to the house itself.


The third video showed our commitment to the process and the end-user, the homeowners, having Danbro perform a series of load tests on the installed piles to verify calculated load capacities and lateral support to ensure durability, safety, and quality control.

There are several more videos from the affected areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in the process of being filmed and edited.  With each new video, we hope to be able to give more information in a clearer and more concise manner, to answer more questions, alleviate more concerns, and continue our commitment to our customers, engineers, installers, and homeowners alike.

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Here, Gary Seider, Engineering Manager; Frank D’Angelo, President of Danbro; and Steve Gencorelli, Danbro’s Structural Engineer, talk to homeowners after a Home Elevation presentation in Toms River, NJ.

We are not a company that likes to spend big money on seamlessly produced media.  We care more about keeping our in-house costs low so we can keep your costs low.  We think it is more important to be honest, straightforward, and dedicated to the cause, which is why we are intimately involved in every aspect of a project, from filming to editing to supporting the installer with engineering and material assistance.

If you have something you would like to see addressed in “The Sandy Solution Series,” please let us know.  We are in this recovery process together!


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Caitlin Haffert is the Marketing Coordinator for Danbro Distributors.  With a background in film and sociology, she edits each installment of “The Sandy Solution Series” with the belief that knowledge is power and the desire to help people make educated decisions.

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