Educational Seminars

Helical Pile Foundation Education

DANBRO Distributors offers helical pier foundation and tieback lunch-time presentations, seminars, and technical workshops for the professional design community.  In most states, engineers and architects are required to obtain continuing education credits to maintain their licenses.  We provide educational information on helical piles while helping professionals fulfill their Professional Development Hours (PDH) obligation.

Course Content

Our PDH seminars provide insightful information about helical piles, tiebacks, and other deep foundation products, how they work, and the applications best suited to this technology.  The presentations utilize case histories to tell the stories of successful installations.


Local Seminars

Online Webinars

Group Presentations

Accredited Seminars on Helical Piles

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Registered with the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE) in New York State, our PIE-accredited seminars provide Professional Development Hours (PDH).  PIE credits are accepted in every state throughout our territory.

Each presentation takes between 1 to 2 hours and we provide breakfast or lunch for your group.

Benefits of the DANBRO Seminars on Helical Piles

  • Accredited Presentations — registered with PIE – credits qualify for most states
  • Complimentary breakfast or lunch 
  • Individual certificates provided
  • Seminars are educational, informative, and not sales oriented
  • Presented by Danbro Distributors representing IDEAL® Foundation Products
  • Primary Target Audiences: Engineers, Architects, Construction Professionals, & Home Inspectors
  • One or Two PDH Pile and Anchor Presentations

Schedule a presentation with DANBRO Distributors

Helical piers and anchors, Stelcor, and Large Diameter Piles are great tools to have at your disposal.  If your firm or your organization would like to schedule a non-commercial, educational presentation on helical technology, please contact us today.