Earth Retention

Earth retention using soil screws and soil nails
Tieback Anchors

Helical Tieback Anchors are an alternative to grouted tiebacks with unique advantages that mitigate or eliminate construction-related issues. They are a cost-effective alternative to grouted anchors and, with the right conditions, like soil nails, are site-specific. Applications include building sites, retaining walls, levees, dams, revetments, bulkheads, seawalls, and roadway/abutment support of excavation. These pre-engineered systems provide predictable results, easy storage, staging, and reuse. Click here to see examples of projects we’ve completed using tiebacks and tiedowns.

Soil Screw Retention Wall System

Helical Soil Nails are similar to grouted soil nails. They are site-specific, but, with the right soil conditions and loads, are superior to grouted soil nails. This is due to no spoils, fast installation, access mitigation, quick and easy mobilization, immediate loading, and cost considerations. Contact Danbro for an assessment of your project to determine if the Helical Soil Nail Retention Wall System is an economical and logistical fit for your loads and soil conditions. Click here to see more Earth Retention project examples.

Features of Earth Retention Systems

Many of the advantages of helical technology are the same in tension as they are in compression. Helical anchors and soil nails mitigate or eliminate issues such as access, spoils, staging, and mobilization by using less equipment than grouted tendons. Smaller crews translate into reduced labor and costs on projects. Helicals are a pre-engineered system that gently screw into place and are not pre-drilled. Soil nails and anchors are in-place bearing devices and are not friction-dependent. There is no grout, so they can be load tested immediately, resulting in fast, clean, one-trip convenience, saving time, labor, and money. Extendable helical anchors and soil nails have bolted joint connections and are compatible with other materials and practices in earth retention. Temporary tiebacks can be retrieved and reused if desired or practical. Helicals, relying on the shear strength of the soil to achieve the load, are site-specific. However, with the right conditions, they have proved to be a cost-saving alternative to grouted screws and tendons.

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