The Sandy Solution Series: Lavallette, NJ

The second video installment of The Sandy Solution Series features a house in storm-ravaged Lavallette, NJ.  The home was tucked in between surrounding houses on a tiny, one way street.  With no room to move the house, raising the house in place while the work was done below was the only option, making the helical pulldown ideal for this project.

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Videography: Frank D’Angelo, Caitlin Haffert, and Pat Haffert, Danbro Distributors
Video Editor: Caitlin Haffert, Danbro Distributors
Video Consultant: Frank D’Angelo, Danbro Distributors

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  • The CHANCE Helical Pull-down Micropile is an excellent foundation solution when you are not able to move the house in order to install a deep foundation. Just raise your structure and install those helical piers! I am looking forward to seeing more videos on foundation solutions for the flood damaged homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut! Go Team Danbro!!

    Jill 05.06.2013