What Do You Do to Promote Your Industry?

By Frank D’Angelo

the International Society for Helical Foundations, Amherst, Massachusetts, Helical Piers, Helical Piles, Dr. Alan Lutenegger,

Last week I had the privilege to attend the 1st International Geotechnical Symposium on Helical Foundations held at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.  The symposium was conducted by the International Society for Helical Foundations, whose executive director is one of the preeminent authorities on helical piles, Dr. Alan Lutenegger.

There was no shortage of genius in the room as papers were presented by Engineers, PhDs, and Professors representing countries including Canada, Brazil, China, and New Zealand, as well as every region of the United States.

While the subject matter was very technical in nature at times, including describing helical test modeling in a centrifuge, small scale lab testing of screw piles, and factors affecting torque correlations, there were also a welcomed mix of case histories sprinkled in.  Case histories were presented by dual Engineer-Installers, as well.  Conte Construction‘s Matt Conte and his professor from Syracuse UniversityDr. Sam Clemence, arguably one of the “fathers” of modern day Helical Screw piles and anchors, spoke about piles installed at a Naval Base in Connecticut.  Case histories from Indiana, Maryland, China, Florida, and Mississippi were also presented.

Being a constructor by nature, I found myself interjecting comments and suggestions during the case history presentations.  Listening to academia presenting their helical pile theories and research, I could not help but marvel at their ingenuity and the potential applications for helical piers.

This symposium was a perfect way to meld theory with constructability.  Having a peek into research is a peek into the future of our industry and what the future possibilities for our industry may entail.  For me, it was a perfect way to ignite the future of the helical pile and screw anchor industry.

So, I’ll ask again: What do you do to promote your industry?


Frank D'Angelo, Danbro Distributors

Frank D’Angelo is the President of Danbro Distributors.  He has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and is a fourth generation D’Angelo active in the family business.

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