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Installation by CMI Structural Solutions

Mounted Drive Heads

Danbro provides a full line of excavator mounted drive heads and information on the right tools for your job.

danbro helical pile installation

Portable and Handheld

We feature an array of portable and handheld equipment and accessories for your next project.

Drive Tools and Accessories

Danbro offers drive tools and accessories including Bail, Kelly Bar Adapters, Bolt Circle Adapters, Earth Augers and more.

helical pile torque indicator

Torque Indicators

We carry torque indicators for all jobs, public or private, big or small.  Click below to read more or give us a call now.

Installation Equipment

Not only are helical piles, piers, and anchors highly adaptable for a wide range of applications, but any hydraulic equipment (bobcats, skid steer, etc.) can be adapted to install helical piers and anchors.  The drive string assembly consists of a rotary drive head, a gauge or torque indicator, and various drive tools.  The cost of a drive string assembly ranges from less than $10,000 to more than $20,000, based primarily on the size of the head and the sophistication of the torque indicator.  DANBRO offers expertise and guidance on which helical pile installation equipment will best meet your needs, as well as a full line of ready-to-use installation equipment.  We also offer the components needed to construct portable hand-held equipment for limited access areas.  Contact DANBRO to discuss your helical pier and anchor drive head, torque indicator, and drive tool needs today!  Give us a call to learn more about our helical pile installation equipment.