New Construction

helical pile for new construction
Helical Solutions for New Construction Projects

Helical piers are an extendable, segmented, deep foundation system suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The piles are advanced to a suitable bearing stratum that can support the load and are topped with a new construction cap, which is typically embedded in a footer, grade beam, or concrete pad. If you require larger loads, the patented IDEAL® STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropile, a Grouted Pulldown Pile, or a Large Diameter Helical Pile may be more appropriate. Regardless if it is low headroom or high capacity, Danbro has a solution for your project.

A Truly Sustainable Solution

Environmentally-friendly helical piles aid constructability and mitigate or eliminate a number of site-related issues, including access, mobilization, and weak soils. Helical piers can be a cost-effective alternative to other deep foundation piling systems based on site conditions and limitations. IDEAL® Foundation Products are made with 98 percent recycled American steel. This helps owners and design professionals obtain credits toward LEED compliant projects. Click here to see examples of our new construction products.

The Danbro Advantage

Danbro utilizes a pre-engineered system that eliminates high-mobilization costs associated with driven piles, drilled shafts, or auger-cast piles. Our time-saving new construction solutions feature fast installation, immediate loading, and no waiting for concrete to cure. We can eliminate or mitigate site conditions such as limited access, high water tables, and weak surface soils.  Our installation process minimizes soil disturbance and can be installed in any weather with no vibration. There is no need to remove spoils or painstakingly prepare the worksite. Our solutions can be easily modified in the field to meet your needs. No casings are required for flowable sands, soft clays, or organic soils. Instant torque-to-capacity feedback provides production control. We use common construction equipment that is easily fitted with hydraulically-driven torque motors. Our piles are hot dipped galvanized to ASTM A-153 and meet Made in America certification.

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