Equipment for Helical Pile Installation

By Joe D’Angelo

Danbro Distributors and D’Angelo Brothers Inc. has experience with a wide range of equipment used for the installation of helical piers.  I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a closer look at these pieces of equipment.

Our first set-up was a Dynahoe 190-4 Loader Backhoe with an Eskridge model 77. It was old, but performed excellently.  We do not own this set-up any longer.

Caterpillar 312 Excavator, Eskridge M/W 75 20K Ft. LB Auger Drives , High Capacity Helical Installation, Helical Piers, Helical PIles, Danbro Distributors, D'Angelo Brothers Inc.

We currently have two Caterpillar 312 Excavator/Eskridge M/W 75 20K Ft. LB Auger Drives doing a limited amount of pier installation.  This machine is capable of driving high capacity helical piers.

Pengo 6500 FT LB drivehead, 2500 FT LB drivehead , IHI mini excavator, Case & Cat backhoes, Case skid steer, Mounted Eskridge model 77 12K Auger drive, Danbro Distributors, D'Angelo Brothers, Helical Piers, Helical PIles

We also have a mounted Eskridge model 77 12K Auger drive on Case and Cat backhoes, a Case skid steer, and an IHI mini excavator.  Additionally, we have a drivehead and a Pengo 6500 FT LB drivehead on these same machines.  These machines are more typical of equipment used on a regular basis to drive our best selling helicals.

Caterpillar 312s, Free Swinging Mounting Balls, Helical Piers, Helical PIles, Danbro Distributors, D'Angelo Brothers Inc.,

Our current Caterpillar 312s have free swinging mounting bails that allow left to right, as well as fore and aft, movement of the drivehead.  This is necessary to avoid sideloading the drivehead.  When necessary, we use a two-pin bracket to install battered (angled) piers.

When choosing a drivehead, it is strongly suggested that you choose one that is a minimum twenty percent more powerful than the highest torques to be achieved.  This is recommended so that the drivehead will give a reasonable service life.

Drivehead motor pressure ratings have not kept up with the modern equipment working pressures.  Necessary steps to limit line pressure to drivehead specs should be taken or damage will result.

It is best to purchase a drivehead with flows (gpm) compatible or in range with the flow of your machine.


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Joe D’Angelo is the Equipment Superintendent for D’Angelo Brothers Inc. and Danbro Distributors.  He is the oldest of the fourth generation and has worked for the company since 1981.  When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time at his family’s beach house is Sea Isle City.

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