New Year’s Reflection

By Frank D’Angelo

DANBRO’s Frank D’Angelo flanked by Philip and Mark Altomare of Altomare Precast, Inc.

I recently had the privilege of attending our annual Christmas lunch with a supplier that we have done business with for over 50 years!

photo 1a
D’Angelo Brothers’ President, Steve D’Angelo, and Philip Altomare of Altomare Precast, Inc.

Often, these gatherings are merely an excuse to stuff food and down drink as each person complains of the ills of their respective industries while NEVER admitting to having a good year, let alone – dare I say it – making a profit.

Altomare Precast’s Mark Altomare and D’Angelo Brothers’ Chris D’Angelo

But this gathering was different.  To begin with, the third, fourth, and potentially fifth generation family members of these family-owned businesses were present.  I am not one to relax much during a typical workday, but as I sampled the smelts, baccala, and antipasti, I could not help but revel in the fact that everybody had left their businesses for the day to converse and enjoy one another.  The older generation beamed as they asked the youngsters questions of school, new babies, and family members.  The youngsters sat, ate, listened, and participated somewhat reluctantly.

photo 3a
Frank’s son, Frankie D’Angelo, with Philip Altomare of Altomare Precast

For me, this is a rite of passage. The relationships that were built on respect and similar value systems guided this gathering to produce smiles, warm feelings, and contentment.

D’Angelo Bros., Inc. and Altomare Precast, Inc.

And yes, of course, as the fruit, the dolci, and espresso flowed, along with the exchange of some pocket money from old to young, business relationships were reinforced and rejuvenated… without speaking a word of it.

I’ll be looking to replicate these scenes in the coming year with you.

From all of us at DANBRO, we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

Buon Anno –

Shanah Tovah –

Feliz Año Nuevo –

Prospero Ano Novo –

Happy New Year!


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Frank D’Angelo is the President of Danbro Distributors.  He has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and is a fourth generation D’Angelo active in the family business, D’Angelo Brothers Inc.

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  • Hi Frank,
    Happy Holidays to you and all the fine folks at Danbro. Hope to see you at the World of Concrete in Vegas this year!

    Rich Young 06.01.2014
    • @DanbroNation won’t be able to make it to WOC this year. All hands on deck at this time. Hope to catch up with you soon, Rich. Happy New Year!

      Frank D'Angelo 07.01.2014
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