Drive Tools and Accessories

Performance Driven

There are different drive tools for the varying shapes and sizes of helical piles, piers, and anchors – for example, round shaft, 2 7/8″ – 8″ versus square shaft, 1 1/2′ – 1 3/4″.  Common drive tool accessories consist of a bail, Kelly Bar adapters, Bolt Circle adapters, earth augers, and other tools that could be necessary to get from one bolt circle size to another.  Danbro will assist you in selecting the appropriate tools and accessories to facilitate your work.

As You Grow

Many of our installers start by using helical piers or anchors for specific applications to improve or expand their existing construction capabilities.  Once familiar with the virtues and value of helicals, installing contractors see other possibilities to grow their business by branching out into other helical work.  We will help you maximize productivity by offering suggestions and keeping you aware of significant improvements or innovations in equipment or tools.

How To Beat On-site Fright

Every contractor has experienced it and probably more than once.  You’re all set up and ready to go and you are lacking a critical tool or accessory that you thought you had.  Worse yet, you have everything you need, but are experiencing unexpected equipment failure.  Danbro comes from a contractor background and knows the frustration when profit-bleeding equipment problems occur.  If you bought your equipment from us, you can expect us to come to your rescue.  Regardless of whether it is a lost tool, a defective torque indicator, or a blown drive head, we can help.  Danbro can provide you with back-up and, just as important, get it to the site as soon as possible so you can keep the job moving.  We have drive heads, various torque indicators, and tools and accessories which we can overnight to your job site.  We also provide periodic reminders to keep your equipment calibrated and serviced, so it will be ready when you are.

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