The Sandy Solution Series: Point Pleasant, NJ

Danbro Distributors’ The Sandy Solution Series chronicles several Hurricane Sandy-created house raising projects using the helical piles for securely lifting and stabilizing your home. Ideal in areas where there is no room to move a house off the lot, the helical piles can be installed under a lifted home, and creates secure, deep foundations.

This Point Pleasant, NJ home will also be featured in an eight-part special series of the PBS classic, “This Old House,” premiering October 3, 2013.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of our ongoing Sandy Solution Series.

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Videographer: Christy Johnson
Video Editor: Caitlin Haffert, Danbro Distributors
Video Consultants: Frank D’Angelo, Pat Haffert, and Kevin Knecht, Danbro Distributors