IDEAL® Large Diameter Helical Piles

IDEAL® Large Diameter Helical Piles

The vast majority of helical piers and anchors produced to date have a capacity of 50 tons or less. These served primarily residential and small commercial construction applications. The ability of helical piles to mitigate construction issues with poor, contaminated soils and limited access was attractive to design professionals, but they needed to achieve higher capacities.

Large capacity helical piles have all of the advantages of traditional helical piers, but are designed on a project-specific basis and have higher capacities.  The chart below details some of the piles that have been designed for past projects (popular sizes and capacities); it is for quick reference only.  Other sizes, up to 36 inches, and various wall thicknesses, can be designed for specific projects.

Large Diameter Piles

Large diameter piles (LDPs) are composite piles deriving their capacity from skin friction from the pile’s interaction with the soil as well as end-bearing on the helical plates.  The helicals are also a means of pulling down or advancing the pile during the installation process.

Advantages and benefits

Large diameter helical piers feature many of the advantages of traditional small diameter piles while providing higher capacities.  Environmentally sensitive,with no spoils, cross contamination or vibration, LDP also mitigates access and mobilization issues associated with other piles.  On your next project, get a cost comparison for a large diameter helical pile.

Custom Fabrication

The Danbro/IDEAL team is often called on to fabricate custom piles and brackets to exact client specifications or designs.  This is another area where our design and production teams have become highly recognized for their innovation and skill.  This customer-focused approach allows us to hone in on project-specific, unique, custom designs.

Danbro/IDEAL Team

Through our partnership with IDEAL Foundation Systems™, we can provide customized solutions to fit the foundation and support needs of your next project.  We don’t just make great products: we create solutions for owners, contractors, installers and engineers alike.  LDP’s are often cost-effective alternatives to other piling systems.