Did You Know: Pirouettes and Helical Pile Installation Are One In The Same

by Madalaina D’Angelo
I frequently write and speak of how I feel like the odd D’Angelo out. I’m a left-brain dominant artist amongst a family of right-brain dominant, analytical engineers, site managers, and construction crews. Everyone else’s brain can handle talk of torque and loads and installation depth. Mine does not.  Often when I call my father after an audition, I feel bad, like I’m speaking another language he doesn’t quite understand.
But I had a revelation this past fall, when I called my dad after yet another audition, and he uttered these profound words:
“Auditioning is a lot like bidding.”
And thus, I realized my dad and I basically do the same thing every day. Acting and running a helical pile distribution company are just one in the same, did you know?
No, you didn’t? Well, surprise. It is.
And here is how:
  1. My dad has a great product- Ideal Helical Piers & Micropiles, with a strong supporting cast of committed people. You should buy IDEAL through Danbro (shameless plug, but its our blog so I can). I have my own good (working on great) product…  myself. We both spend a lot of time perfecting said product and perfecting the best way to market said product.
  2. Bidding and auditions are the same endless grind. For every audition I go on, or every bid my dad and his team submit, we’re both lucky to maybe “get the callback” and even luckier to maybe get the job.
  3. The odds are about the same. The grind is the same. The need for patience, optimism, and persistence is the same.
  4. Networking and a strong social media presence is part of the job. My dad is constantly traveling to network with customers, potential clients and others. He laces up his dancing shoes, (check that- his boots) and visits various job sites.  I’m constantly out freelancing and auditioning, all of which is well documented on social media! My posts are far more personal, millennial reasons than that of the business, but still.
  5. Both my Dad and I have learned the importance of believing in our respective products and, together with a strong supporting cast, putting our best foot forward and highlighting our efforts on Social Media to help spread the gospel.
My dad reminded me that even though I may dance to the beat of a different drummer (literally dancing, in my case) than that of the family construction business, there is a universality among all who labor in the vineyard. Some days the odds feel insurmountable. Some days feel endlessly long and frustrating with no apparent reward for all the hard work.  However, persistent, professionalism, and confident in oneself or one’s business, will ultimately carry the day. More bids, more auditions, showcase and ultimately help to sell the product.
So, remember, pirouetting is just like installing Ideal helical piles. Mostly.