DANBRO’s Digital Edge

by David Smith

My name is David Smith and I am the latest addition to the Danbro Customer Support Team. My position is newly-created in light of the plethora of opportunities offered by the construction industry’s posting of projects on the internet. As part of our expanded support services, we scout out job opportunities and pass them along to our installers.
The bulk of what I do involves reviewing custom searches on various construction sites and looking through the drawings of promising opportunities.  A lot of opportunities. I look at several hundred projects per week and review the drawings for about one hundred of them.

From those, the projects that need our products or could be redesigned to use our products are sent to Steve Gencorelli, P.E. for review. It usually works out to fewer than a dozen projects a week, but eventually they get to our installers, providing them the opportunity to bid more work. Sometimes, it also introduces design professionals or general contractors to alternative, cost-saving, construction approaches. This can lead to more helical work down the road.

An exciting development is when we receive partial leads on projects from general contractors, our partners, or even news articles. Getting information on these leads involves not only the normal project sites searches, but often sends us to township, city, county, or state sites that may be the only place with the project listing. Digging out jobs from these leads is interesting, challenging, and time-consuming, but can lead to great opportunities that weren’t widely solicited.

This initiative is still in its infancy and we are still refining the process, but are encouraged with our initial success and excited by the potential for our installers. So, if you’ve gotten a job lead from Danbro in the last few months or get one in the future, there’s a pretty good chance I’ve had a hand in finding it!


David Smith is DANBRO’s Lead Generation Manager.  David comes to us from the digital world.  David identifies deep foundation and tieback construction projects using multiple digital publications, that may be suited for helicals, Stelcor DDM and large diameter pipe piles. David’s experience in this arena, truly increases, and optimizes opportunities for our installer network.