DANBRO+Ideal=The Perfect Pair

Danbro Distributors Passes the One Million Pound Mark of IDEAL Helical Pile Products in Inventory and Early Customer Feedback is Very Positive

by Pat Haffert

Danbro Vice President

Fall is kicking into gear and so are things at DANBRO. Here is a quick update as many exciting things have been happening since the partnership announcement with IDEAL Group!

Current helical happenings…

Danbro has hit the one million pound mark…. not British pounds, but all varieties of IDEAL foundation products:

Square shaft – 1.5″ and 1.75″

Round shaft – 2 7/8″ and 3 1/2,” both schedule 40 and 80, and 4 1/2″

All of the above are currently in stock in the company’s yard in Philadelphia. Soon they plan to add the revolutionary Stelcor products to their stock.

As previously reported by Helical Pile World, Hubbell Power Systems (CHANCE™) and Danbro Distributors, their largest distributor, parted ways as of July 31, 2017.  A joint press release from Danbro and the IDEAL Group announced that Danbro would now be distributing IDEAL Foundation Products.

IDEAL, located in Webster, NY, (near Rochester) manufactures a diverse line of foundation products including traditional helical piles, large diameter helical piles, and STELCOR, a drilled-in displacement micropile.

Danbro distributes IDEAL products in New England, the Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic States.

Frank D’Angelo, Danbro President, says there is a nice synergy between IDEAL and Danbro.  “We have a lot in common in terms of family business origins, customer focus, and corporate culture.  We’re excited about our future together.”

Bruce Stroyer, Marketing Director for IDEAL, concurred: “When the opportunity to work with Danbro presented itself, we were very pleased.  They represent the type of company with which we are comfortable partnering.”

Art Kozoil of South Jersey Helical Piers, a long-time certified Chance installer and Danbro customer, expressed enthusiasm for the expanded product line.  “Our business has been increasingly moving away from residential to commercial and industrial work,” said Kozoil.  Reflecting on the potential of STELCOR, Kozoil observed, “It’s a great product and the higher loads open up great possibilities for us to expand our business.”

Steve Colvin of Soil Solutions echoed Kozoil’s enthusiasm.  “I love their products and Danbro’s service is top rate.  It’s the best of both worlds now.”  

“We believe our customers are better served by this move,” said D’Angelo. “The early feedback has been very encouraging.  Our installers love the underpinning bracket and, although we have not had enough experience with the entire product line, it has been nothing but positive feedback so far.  The material has been flying off the shelves.”

Danbro recently launched their new website at www.danbro.com.  It showcases projects from the past twenty-two years and highlights the expanded product line from the IDEAL Foundation Group.

As always, thank you for your business.

Frank D’Angelo and the Whole Danbro Team

Click Here to See Danbro’s New Website

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