Happy Thanksgiving From Danbro Distributors

Happy Thanksgiving From Danbro Distributors –

Thanksgiving has a long and storied tradition, dating back to 1621, with an informal get-together between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians. It was celebrated on and off between 1789 with two presidential proclamations (Washington 1789 & Lincoln 1863) until 1941, when it was made a national holiday by an Act of Congress. During this holiday season, we pause and reflect on all the positive relationships and good people for whom we are truly thankful. I will save my familial affirmations for the dinner table, but I want to use this occasion to personally thank our business friends: vendors, suppliers and especially, our loyal customers.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and we certainly appreciate the choice you make when buying helical piles/anchors and micropiles from Danbro. There are other suppliers and manufacturers, but you choose to do business with us, and for this, we are truly thankful. It is the strong bonds and good friendships, that we have formed, that transcend commerce and the sometimes “dog eat dog” construction industry.

I grew up in the construction business, so I understand the value of good working relationships and suppliers who are accommodating and helpful. Many of our customers have been with us for years, but regardless of how long you’ve been a customer or how much you buy, you will enjoy the same level of service and support that we believe every successful installer needs from their supplier. We want you to be as thankful for our contribution to your business as we are for yours to ours.

We are also thankful for our new fruitful relationship with the Stroyer family and their excellent IDEAL Foundation Products. On behalf of our customers, we would like to thank IDEAL for producing high quality products that help our customers compete and win projects. Visit our blog to see examples of how installing contractors can get a competitive edge with lower cost material from IDEAL that still delivers the torque and capacity required for their respective jobs. This relationship and their products help us to help our valued customers win bids and be more profitable: prospects for which we are all thankful and grateful as we celebrate Thanksgiving 2018. Have a great holiday!


Frank D’Angelo