Danbro Distributors Now Provides Delivery Service

Our operating philosophy, “Danbro Delivers… Products, Service, & Support,” makes a cameo appearance in our ads, emails, and collateral material.  Danbro Delivers, a catchy catch-all summary, broadcasts our all-encompassing message to owners, GCs, specifiers, and, most importantly, our installers. Marketing professionals know that taglines or slogans don’t mean anything if there isn’t truth to the claim. In Danbro’s case, we distribute top of the line products (IDEAL) and provide solid service and support for those who do business with us. We know we succeed if our customers succeed, so we provide any help we can to effect a favorable outcome on any project screwing our steel into the ground.  Our new in−house dedicated delivery service for our customers complements our existing services. Click here for customer support information.

The impetus for this new service arose from our experience during the pandemic when every industry was experiencing shortages of material, man-power, and other disruptions.  The shipping industry, including the LTL (less than truckload) segment, was not spared and, in addition to the aforementioned problems, fuel surcharges were imposed to deal with the volatility of fossil fuel costs. Businesses like ours had to adapt to the new normal, incurred higher costs, and were forced to pass along the increased costs to our customers, who were also enduring pandemic-related issues of their own.

Danbro supports our installers, helping them strategize to win projects and assisting them on site, if needed. However, with deliveries, we’ve always been at the mercy of the haulers. Designated shipments with our own truck allow us to react quickly to emergencies and provide a welcome service.

Danbro President Frank D’ Angelo observed: “As a business, you’re always trying to control your cost of doing business while maintaining high standards of customer service. Our new designated delivery service benefits Danbro and our installers from both a cost and installation perspective. We even do weekend deliveries now and it’s proved itself to be very popular!”

Rocky “the yard dog” Powers, Danbro’s longtime yard manager handles the loading, unloading, and management of the helical stock. He has now added weekend deliveries to his duties. Although this new service is only a couple of months old, Rocky has already made six weekend trips. “My goal is to be on time,” said Rocky, “and I have left as early as 3:30 A.M. to get the product there on time, as promised.” “That is not easy with the traffic in the Northeast,” he confided.  From Rocky’s perspective, it is a welcome service: “The customers LOVE it. Customers at the Jersey Shore face work restrictions on weekends, but we can make deliveries to the site, enabling guys like Dave Grahn of Coastal Marine Piling and Fred Wilson to start working first thing Monday morning, and they love the flexibility of seven-day delivery.”  Click here for Rocky The Yard Dog Article

Melanie LaBretta, office manager and shipping coordinator, said that Danbro will continue to use LTL, but now has the luxury of picking and choosing our spots. “Distance, timeframe, and destination all play into the shipping equation,” said Melanie. “A straightforward delivery to a contractor’s yard versus a more remote site like a walkway project can dictate which way we go,” Melanie concluded.

Frank D’Angelo summarized the overall rationale for the significant addition of designated shipping to Danbro’s list of support services. “Construction is a tough business. Anything we can do to make life easier on our installers is worth it. If our customers succeed, we succeed, pure and simple.”

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