Danbro Seminars for PDH Credits

Danbro offers Professional Development seminars for Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors. The course, “Helicals for Deep Foundations: When, Where, and Why,” has both a 1PDH and a 2PDH version. The theory, basics, and standard practices of helical technology are common to both courses.  The longer 2 PDH version includes a helical history and more case histories than the 1PDH version.  The case histories, a mix of video and slides, are used to illustrate various applications and the unique challenges that were overcome by using helicals.  Click to see Danbro Case Studies

These courses are registered, reviewed, and approved through the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE) in New York.  New York was one of the early states to require professional development education as a prerequisite to maintain licenses for various professionals including Engineers.  Under the purview of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE), PIE maintains high standards for seminar providers, including reviews by member Engineers before accrediting any courses.  Danbro’s courses have been accredited by PIE for the ten plus year that we have been offering them.  Because PIE set the standard, their credits are desirable even for Engineers not licensed in New York.  All of the states in our territory, the Northeast and MidAtlantic, will readily accept PIE credits.  Certificates of Course Completion are issued to all participants who attend and complete the full course.  Click to see Danbro Seminar Syllabus

Most courses are now given over Zoom rather than in person. This technology provides some unique advantages.  In the past, I would occasionally present to a corporate headquarter who had a sophisticated learning center, enabling distance learning for satellite offices.  In these instances, I could reach a broad audience of varying disciplines and different engineering specialties.  Most of the time, however, I would present in one office, sometimes with as few as one or two participants, while at other times between 20 and 30 attendees.  My average audience over the past decade was about 9 attendees per presentation, not including larger audiences at engineering association meetings or assemblies.  Now, Engineers or Architects from many offices can join in.  While most of these seminars are presented over the lunch hour, I will accommodate whatever time works best for the organization.  Presentations can also be arranged for unaffiliated individuals from different companies and disciplines to attend at the same time.  Of course, attendance through the entire presentation is required to receive the PDH Certificate.

I enjoy engaging with the audience and have some fun with the material.  Despite the outdated stereotype, engineers like to laugh as much as anyone, so I engage in some relatable storytelling and humor to keep the material fresh.

To reach me to set up a presentation, contact Pat Haffert at pat@danbro.com or call me on my cell at 609-675-4592.  I look forward to seeing you “on-line” sometime in the near future!

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