Not All Heroes Wear Capes

If you are a foundation contractor, you already know site access dictates the limits of the job and can adversely affect your bid. However, helical piers can eliminate, or largely mitigate, costly installation issues. This turns our installation contractors and design professionals into Helical Heroes, especially, in the eyes of homeowners who are footing the bill (pun intended).

Two Foundation Contractors and a Lobbyist Walk into a Bar  

The Helical Hero ducks! Believe it or not lobbyists and foundation contractors have a lot in common. Both are involved in dirty work. Both would probably agree that they are underappreciated and unjustly criticized; however, their most relevant common issue is access.

If you can’t get in, you can’t win. The access challenged contractor is at a disadvantage and about as popular as a lobbyist in many cases. When you can’t gain access, or it is extremely limited, it severely limits the ability to complete the project on time and within the budget.

No Access? No Problem!  

Helicals are segmented piles produced in 3’, 5’, 7’ and 10’ lengths. The 3’ or 5’ sections mitigate overhead concerns and material can be staged near site and transported piece by piece to pile locations. Special hand-held portable installation equipment can be employed to deal with the most restrictive environments.

Helical piles/anchors have been installed in basements, elevator pits, and even in crawl spaces. Many of the case studies on our website illustrate the ways in which helicals have been used to address restricted access. Access is one of the major reasons that design professionals specify helicals.

Become A Helical Hero  

At Danbro, we too are looking for some access. We would like to present, through publications and case studies, the many virtues of helical technology in various settings. Our hope is to open minds to using helicals for foundation as well as other applications in even the most restrictive environments.

So all of us are looking for access of one kind or another. Danbro can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can help design professionals and contractors solve costly, complex site access challenges. Keep an open mind and we will open your eyes to all the possibilities that helicals afford, so that you can be a Helical Hero on your next job.