STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles

STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles

STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles are installed using hydraulic-powered rotary equipment and are turned into the ground while crowd or downward pressure is exerted on the steel core and a continuous flow of grout is provided to the top of the pile.  Reverse grout flow flighting welded to the steel core draws the grout into the annulus created by a displacement head located near the tip of the steel core.  The welded reverse flighting ensures a continuous grout column and structural load transfer from the grout column into 80 ksi steel core.  Grout ports in the steel core also provide consistent grout placement along the length of the pile.  No soil is removed during installation of STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement Micropiles and a new steel core is installed and left in the ground for every pile.  The STELCOR displacement lead section includes a driving plate, a lateral displacement plate, and a secondary deformation structure.  The driving plate helps advance the pile downward and provides end bearing support.  The lateral displacement plate creates a positive annulus around the steel core by displacing the soil outward, enhancing the density surrounding the pile element. The secondary deformation structure produces a ribbed or corrugation effect along the grouted pile shaft, greatly enhancing soil bond and load transfer.  A continuous grout column is thereby created by means of the STELCOR displacement lead section and reverse grout flow flighting.  The steel structural core extends the entire length of the pile, ensuring unbroken structural integrity.

Advantages and Benefits:

Stelcore is a high capacity drilled-in displacement pile with lower cost per kip compared to most other micropiles.  It features predictable grout volume and displacement resulting in exceptional lateral capacity.  Environmental, cost-saving benefits include: no vibration, no spoils, no cross-contamination, and high water table installations.

Applications for STELCOR

STELCOR is the perfect solution for achieving high axial load capacities in extremely poor soils at very shallow depths.  STELCOR has consistently delivered higher than expected load test results in both compression and tension.  High-rise buildings, boardwalks, towers, silos, pipe racks, and sewer supports are some examples of typical Stelcore applications.

An IDEAL Solution

IDEAL invented STELCOR to provide higher compression and tension capacities at shallow depths while minimizing environmental and construction issues.  This revolutionary product serves as the ultimate complement to helical products that Danbro has been selling and supporting for years.  We are prepared to provide complete assistance from feasibility through design and construction to assure a successful product experience.