IDEAL® Square Shaft and Round Shaft Helical Piles

IDEAL® Square Shaft and Round Shaft Helical Piles

Round Shaft Helical Piles

IDEAL® piles are segmented, extendable shafts ranging in size and capacity.  Round shaft pipe piles have a larger section modulus than square shaft helical piers with a sleeved, two- or three-bolt connection.  They are a solid choice in loose soils, mitigating lateral or buckling concerns.  Contact us today to learn more about our selection of round shaft pipe piles.

Square Shaft Helical Piles

IDEAL® Group manufactures an extensive selection of round shaft and round corner square shaft helical piles and anchors.  All products come bare or as galvanized steel.  Square shaft helicals are round-cornered, extendable solid steel bars ranging in size and capacity.  Most square shaft helical piles are available in sections of 3, 5, 7, and 10 feet long.  Square shaft helical anchors are the best choice for many tension applications and some compression applications such as sand, hard soil layers, and trash sites.

Square shaft helical piles can be more versatile than pipe piles with more sacrificial steel.  They’re a good choice for aggressive soils or high water tables.  Contact us today to learn more about square shaft helical piles.

Available Products

Product Series

Manufacturer Torque Rating Ultimate Geotechnical Capacity




1.5″ Square Shaft



1.75″ Square Shaft



2 7/8″ .203 (Sch.40) Round Shaft



2 7/8″ .276 (Sch.80) Round Shaft



3 1/2″ .216 (Sch.40) Round Shaft



3 1/2″ .300 (Sch.80) Round Shaft



4 1/2″ .337 (Sch.80) Round Shaft



5 1/2″ .361 (3-Bolt) Round Shaft



Large Diameter Helical Piles & Stelcor Drilled Displacement Piles

Tested to 700 Kips!

Compression Terminations

IDEAL® and Danbro manufacture a wide variety of foundation brackets and compression terminations based on the application and the project’s specific requirements.  All of our standard helical piles, helical anchors, and associated brackets and hardware are ICC-ES Certified.

Examples of popular brackets include:

  • New Construction Bracket
  • Underpinning Bracket
  • Beam Seat Bracket
  • Interior Slab Bracket
  • Concrete Slab Bracket
  • Light Duty Bracket
  • Walkway Bracket/Boardwalk Bracket
  • “Sandy” Saddle Bracket
  • Grillages and connections

All of our brackets work with our pipe or square shaft helical piles, piers, and anchors.

Contact DANBRO today to determine the right termination for your compression application project!