5th and Berks Helical Pile Installation

A new three story apartment building was being constructed in North Philadelphia, not far from Temple University’s main campus. Due to weak soils a deep foundation was required. Helical piles were selected to meet the projects demanding timeline as they were readily available, and were quicker to install than other piling systems.

Project Summary:

  • Helical Pile Type: RS 2875.276 Wall Helical Piles with an 8,10,12 helical configuration
  • # of Helical Piles: 160
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Installation Depth: 28′ to 35′
  • Ultimate Pile Capacity: 80 Kips
  • Equipment Used: 12K Drivehead, Digital Torque Indicator, Whacker Neuson Excavator
  • Challenge/Unique Aspect: Cement masons formed up the grade beams, footings and pile caps prior to the installation contractor arriving on site. Helicals are installed with small, low-impact maneuverable equipment so the piles could be installed inside of the pre formed areas allowing concrete placement immediately thereafter.
  • Engineer/Architect: Gencorelli Engineering