IDEAL® Grouted Pulldown Piles

IDEAL® Grouted Pulldown Piles

The Grouted Pulldown Pile is a composite micropile that generates its capacity from end-bearing helical plates embedded in soil and a grout column encapsulating the plain extensions above.  This pile system can be cased or uncased.  A circular lead displacement plate is added below the first extension and, as the helical plates extend down into the earth, it pushes away the soil.  This creates a cylindrical void that is filled immediately by the flow of grout from the reservoir above.  With each extension, more plates are added until the lead sections reach complete load-bearing strata.  Most piling systems have design limitations and considerations.  The Grouted Pulldown Pile was invented by Dr. Bob Vicars to mitigate and, in most cases, totally eliminate design concerns with traditional helical piles.

Grouted Pulldown Pile Benefits:

This pile eliminates buckling, lateral, and corrosion concerns with no spoils and increased capacity (skin friction from grout column).  The Grouted Pulldown Pile allows for the use of helical piles in most soil conditions.  Either Square Shaft Helical Piles or Round Shaft Pipe Piles can be used.  Contact Danbro today to learn if the Grouted Pulldown Pile may be right for your project.


The Grouted Pulldown Pile is a composite compression pile end-bearing on helical plates deep in the substrate while also picking up a friction component from the grout column.  Any standard underpinning or new construction bracket can be used as a termination and the new construction cap can be altered to deal with a tension component.
Both sleeved, cased piles and uncased piles come with 4-inch to 10-inch diameter displacement plates to provide larger diameter and higher capacity piles.  The Grouted Pulldown Pile can be terminated in a grade beam or can be point-loaded to reinforce existing columns or create new ones.  Pile casings can consist of PVC or steel pipe and the Grouted Pulldown Pile can also be used above grade as a vertical column.