Liberty Lake

A bulkhead and a dam were needed to control runoff and erosion at a popular park. The installing contractor and Engineer suggested that the bulkhead be incorporated and expanded into a Walkway which would accomplish the original, intended purpose while enhancing aesthetics and lake access.

Project Summary:

  • Helical Pile Type: 1 1/2″ Square Shaft encased in grout filled 6″ PVC
  • # Helical Piles: 37
  • Location: Florence, NJ
  • Installation Depth: 22′ Piles / 14′ to 20′ Sheeting
  • Helix Plates/Ultimate Pile Capacity: 20 Kips Compression / 5 kips Lateral
  • Equipment Used: Kubota Excavator 121, small hydro-pack & 750 lb. vibro-hammer
  • Challenge/Unique Aspect: Mobilization for timber would be destructive to this developed section of the camp with a pavilion and several picnic stations. A stone filled trench running the length of the bulkhead with flexible meshed tubing directed runoff from the slope to the lake. The vinyl sheeting on both sides (with soldier piles on landside) supported a new walkway while simultaneously functioning as the bulkhead.
  • Danbro Installer: Audubon Environmental & Helical Piers Inc.
  • Engineer Kris Kluk Ph.D- Kluk Consultants
  • General Contractor: Active Environmental