Cashiers North Carolina Hand Held Walkway Project

A boys’ summer camp, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, was building a walkway next to the lake. Helical piles were chosen to support the walkway to avoid intrusion into sensitive wetlands and mitigate mobilization issues.

Project Summary:

  • Helical Pile Type: 2875.203 Wall
  • # of Helical Piles: 68
  • Location: Cashiers, NC
  • Installation Depth: 10′
  • Ultimate Pile Capacity: 10 kips
  • Equipment Used: hand-held portable equipment
  • Challenge/Unique Aspect: The pedestrian load was low enough on the piles that the entire project was able to be performed with hand held portable equipment, meeting the requirements of not having heavy equipment in the sensitive wetland area.
  • General Contractor: Deer Foot Lodge