Broad Channel Hand Held Piles

A home affected by hurricane Sandy needed to be elevated out of the flood zone and a new deep foundation installed.The structure was only lifted four feet so only segmented helical piles installed with portable/hand held equipment could overcome the overhead limitations for this house lift.

Project Summary:

  • Helical Pile Type: 1.5″ Square Shaft cased in 4″ PVC pipe
  • # of Helical Piles: 14
  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Installation Depth: 14′
  • Ultimate Pile Capacity: 40 Kips
  • Equipment Used: Portable/Hand held Equipment, Marian Torque Indicator, Digga Drive Head
  • Challenge/Unique Aspect: In an effort to save the homeowner a significant amount of money during the initial construction, the home was only raised four feet off the ground. This required that all the pile work needed to be done with portable/hand held equipment.