Gerritsen Beach

Multiple house lift projects in Gerritsen Beach (Brooklyn, NY), funded through the “Build it Back” program post Superstorm Sandy, chose helical piles for the new foundations.

Project Summary:

  • Helical Pile Type: 1 1/2″ Square Shaft
  • # of Helical Piles: approximately 2o to 30 per property
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Installation Depth: 50′-70′
  • Equipment Used: Dingo walk-behind fitted w/Pengo RS 7 drivehead
  • Challenge/Unique Aspect: Helical Piles in the organic, weight of hammer soils were going between 100′ and 200′. Danbro recommended lowering the load per pile, using more piles and using a helicalĀ  extension with a trailer, (two additional 14″plates) to get capacity between 50′ and 60′. Less depth and faster installations more than compensated for a few additional piles and helped save the program money when these soil conditions were encountered.
  • Installers: Various Certified Danbro installers
  • Engineer/Architect: AECOM